Good news keeps coming for Cotton Bowl

June, 26, 2012
ARLINGTON, Texas -- It's been a pretty good five weeks for the AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic.

First, word comes out in May that the Big 12 and SEC have established a Champions Bowl that will match the two top teams from each conference not in a playoff system. That's bound to involve Cowboys Stadium and the Cotton Bowl, even if it's in some sort of rotation with the Sugar Bowl.

Coop and Nate discuss the four-team playoff that will be coming to college football.

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Today, the NCAA brass approved a four-team playoff starting in 2014 with the semifinals to be rotated among six sites. Again, Cowboys Stadium is bound to be included in that mix. So what does all of this mean for the Cotton Bowl?

* The bowl, which has wanted to climb into the top echelon of the BCS, now has the opportunity to do just that. In conjunction with Cowboys Stadium and Jerry Jones, they can bid on the National Championship game. Any city with a stadium (even ones that don't currently have bowl games) can bid for that game.

* One possible scenario is that when the Cotton Bowl is not hosting the semifinal, they're hosting the Champions Bowl (the Sugar Bowl would also do the same, hosting a semifinal when the Cotton Bowl isn't). But again, that puts Cowboys Stadium and the Cotton Bowl right in the middle of the playoff action.

* No matter what, it seems the Cotton Bowl is in position to be a major bowl game every season, just like it used to be (don't you miss the Southwest Conference?)

"It’s a great day for college football," Cotton Bowl president and CEO Rick Baker said in a statement. "We congratulate the conference commissioners and presidents for their diligent work to enhance the postseason. We look forward to learning more about the opportunities that will be created by today’s announcement. With partners like AT&T and Cowboys Stadium, we believe we have a great story to tell."

Now the Cotton Bowl waits to see how the landscape changes -- for the better for them -- in 2014.



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