NFL Week 12 early betting look: Deciphering the NFC playoff race, why you should never buy points

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Is there a more beautiful transition in the NFL than the Rams-Chiefs Monday night extravaganza into a tripleheader on Thanksgiving Day to kick things off in Week 12? That was glorious. Thursday can't come soon enough.

My main takeaway from Week 11 is that teams that had opportunities to get something going and make a run at securing a playoff position completely failed. However, since they all failed at the same time, they are all still in this ambiguous hunt for wild-card mediocrity. I thought the Eagles and Falcons had the potential to make runs in the NFC. They have each lost two straight, but each sits only one game out of a wild-card spot. The Panthers, Redskins, Packers and Vikings all lost, so no team gained any ground outside of Seattle (which now sits at 5-5).

In the AFC,