'Hell of a dunk,' but Anthony Lynn suggests Derwin James skip hoops

INDIANAPOLIS -- Los Angeles Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn said he saw a dunk by safety Derwin James off a lob pass from Casey Hayward circulating on social media this week.

"That was a hell of a dunk, wasn't it?" Lynn said jokingly. "I just saw that yesterday, so I haven't had a chance to talk to him yet, but we'll save some of those during the season."

Lynn went on to say he's not a fan of his players competing on the hardwood during the offseason, and that he will reach out to James to let him know.

"I encourage my guys to cross-train," Lynn said. "But there's just some things I'd rather you not do, like ski, ride motorcycles and dunk off the backboard.

"He's an athletic young man, so he'll learn."

Chargers general manager Tom Telesco was a little more diplomatic when asked about James' basketball exploits.

"NFL players have probably been playing basketball in the offseason since before Vince Lombardi, so I know it happens" Telesco said. "I'm not thrilled about it. But you just want guys to be educated in what the risks are, and hopefully they stay safe."

Earlier this month, the Kansas City Chiefs told quarterback Patrick Mahomes to refrain from playing basketball in the offseason after video on social media emerged of him showing off his dribbling skills.