What was Rick Rypien thinking?!

October, 20, 2010

What was Rick Rypien thinking when he shoved a fan during Tuesday night's game against the Minnesota Wild? We've got a few "guesses":

1. "I thought I saw a bug on the guy's jacket and I didn't want him to get stung."

2. "He was very close to the edge of the steps and I didn't want him to take a tumble."

3. "Well, it's almost Halloween, and whenever I hear that part of 'Werewolves of London' where the song goes, 'He'll rip your lungs out, Jim', well, I go a bit bananas."

4. "I thought I heard him say, 'Let's rumba.'"

5. "It wouldn't have looked very good if I throttled our own goalie, would it? Six goals on 18 shots? Against Minnesota? Yikes."

Scott Burnside

ESPN Senior Writer



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