Eddie Hearn offers Deontay Wilder $20m for Anthony Joshua and fight of his choosing

Deontay Wilder has stated his intention to move down to cruiserweight. Al Bello/Getty Images

Eddie Hearn insists a $20m offer for Deontay Wilder to fight Anthony Joshua and a "tickover" fight is still on the table for the American despite a fight between Joshua and Alexander Povetkin nearing fruition.

While the WBA ordered Joshua to defend his WBA belt against Povetkin, Hearn stated that a unification fight with Wilder for April 13 at Wembley is on offer if the WBC champion wants it.

Hearn admitted that not only was he willing to give Wilder $15million to fight AJ, but he was also willing to give him $5m to fight "an opponent of his choice in New York" in September of October.

"I haven't withdrawn the offer. The offer is still there. He can sign for that fight today, tomorrow, Friday, next week, and it's on," Hearn told IFL TV, with the promoter adamant that the fight had not stlipped through Wilder's fingers.

"So, if you want it, it is stil lthere. We will see if you want it. Even better than that. We all know, I haven't mentioned the $15 million but it is all out there. That is the fee he was offered."

Hearn mentioned an e-mail he sent Wilder Tuesday night, in which he pointed out his disappointment in Wilder's team not coming back to him on comments on the contract to fight Joshua but once again, he insisted if Wilder wants the fight, the offer remains firmly in place.

"The offer is still there for $15m to fight the next available date at Wembley Stadium which is April 13th. Even better news, I will give you $5m just for a little tick over in October or September, against an opponent of your choice in New York."