ESPN Coaches Fundraising Program
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Start Fundraising today. Your team or group Keeps 75% of all money collected.

1 Sign up for the program by clicking here. Once you have completed the sign up process download all your materials to begin fundraising immediately. During the sign up process you will be assigned a unique TEAM ID number — make sure to keep this number handy at all times.

2  Review the team information, including team ID number. Download your fundraising materials and make enough copies for your team and distribute order forms to your players. Let your players know they can sell new, renewal and gift subscriptions.

3  Set a "Selling Goal" for your team. Use the Subscription Calculator below to help determine how many subscriptions your team needs to sell in order to meet your goal. Please Note: There is no set time frame or minimum orders to sell. You can run the program all year; however, we suggest submitting orders to ESPN every 3-4 weeks. This ensures your team receives a constant flow of money and supporters receive their magazines in a timely manner.

4  Collect Order Forms and Checks on a Weekly Basis. Review all submitted order forms making sure all subscription information has been filled out properly. Checks collected by your players should be made out to YOUR TEAM, not ESPN The Magazine.

5  Send In Your Order Forms. Use the Fundraising Recap enclosed in your kit to help you double check all orders and payment. Make copies of your order forms for your records and send in the original order forms plus a check made out to ESPN The Magazine for the proper amount. ($10 x the number of subscriptions sold)
Send orders, payment and your
Fundraising Recap to:

ESPN Coaches Fundraising
P.O. Box 37801
Boone, IA 50037

Make Checks Payable To: ESPN The Magazine
Make sure all information submitted is complete and check is payable to ESPN The Magazine. To guarantee subscriptions are processed in a timely manner, make sure the check is made out for the correct amount. PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH

Subscriptions will begin approximately 6-8 weeks after ESPN receives orders and corresponding payment. For customer service inquiries, click on the FAQ or email us.