How Jalen Hurts' comments will affect the Alabama QB race

Hurts sounds off on Bama QB competition (1:40)

Jalen Hurts opens up about the starting QB position for the first time since he was benched at halftime of the National Championship Game in January. (1:40)

Alabama quarterback Jalen Hurts took a lot of people by surprise when he expressed disappointment with how Crimson Tide coaches have handled his competition with Tua Tagovailoa.

All eyes now turn to coach Nick Saban, who speaks publicly Wednesday for the first time since Hurts' comments. How will Saban react and what will Hurts' words mean for the most-watched QB battle in recent memory? We spoke with people close to the Alabama program, coaches from around the country and former players of Saban's to see where they think this goes next.

What they're saying around the Alabama program

The feeling in and around Alabama's football offices was that what Hurts said was planned to put it in Saban's lap to see how he would respond. But Saban's plan doesn't change. The Alabama coaches are determined to let it play out on the field and see who's the best quarterback and who instills the most trust among his teammates.

Saban's message to the quarterbacks and the team is they're moving forward and are not going to allow what has been said -- or what hasn't been said -- get in the way of growing as a football team.