Oregon lineman stars on offense, defense

I have encountered into some pretty hard to pronounce names over the past 25 years, but none more difficult than Ndamukong Suh, the top prospect in the Oregon. Even after he pronounced his name for me during our meeting in Tacoma this past May, I still had trouble pronouncing it correctly. The phonetic spelling is N-Dom-E-kong. Try pronouncing that five straight times.

Well, college coaches are going to have to get used to pronouncing his name because Ndamukong is quickly becoming one of the most recruited players in the Pacific Northwest. His parents are from the African nation of Cameroon, and they have taught their son to not only be the best he can be in sports, but also in the classroom. Ndamukong has excelled at both.

After watching Ndamukong on film, I am impressed with his strength, quickness, flexibility, instincts, determination and passion for the game on both sides of the ball. Ndamukong shows a great burst off the ball on defense and is an outstanding run stopper. There's no doubt that he has the ability to play on the defensive side of the ball in college. However, I believe he could use his long arms, quick feet, balance and leverage to become an All-American at either guard or tackle on offense. I am impressed with the way he can pull and trap.