Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Time for the presentation...

Graeme Cremer: Losing the toss again may have played a part but our batters didn't look the part. The wicket was still doing a little bit and we were looking to get around 240 to get them under pressure. Injuries are always disappointing but I think we had enough batters to post a good score. We know we have four games to go and hopefully come hard at them in the T20s.

MS Dhoni: It's always good to take catches and inside edges are always good to take. It was a different performance from the first game, slightly different pitch. Some of the shots played in the first 10 overs showed it was coming on to the bat nicely. Our bowlers did a great job to restrict them, I felt they would cross 200 and our spinners got us important breakthroughs. Most important thing is to win games and our batting when it comes to professionalism is right up there, even in the first game. We'll sit and discuss changes for the next game with Sanjay Bangar. There's only so much players can do in only one game. We'll see who can fit in the T20 squad and maybe we'll rest one of the bowlers.

Chahal is the Man of the Match: I enjoyed bowling, the wicket was a bit slow. Day before the batsmen were not going after me and were a bit defensive, today they were attacking me so I got wickets. I was looking to bowl a stump-to-stump line and Mahi bhai also asked me to bowl slow through the air.

That's it from us as far as this ODI goes, join us again on Wednesday for the last match of the series, enjoy the Lord's Test and the football until then. It's goodbye from Vishal and Shashank. Ciao!

2.13pm That's another one-sided win for this second-string India side over Zimbabwe and they've taken the series, leading 2-0 for now. Sibanda's fifty was leading the hosts towards a respectable score but poor shots and three wickets from Chahal led their downfall. An injury to Sean Williams, who came in for Craig Ervine, added to their worries and the Indian batsmen were hardly troubled, again. Lots of chinks to be covered and kinks to be straightened out for Zimbabwe before the third ODI. India, on the other hand, will be pretty pleased with this lead and the fashion in which they've achieved it. Will they try out more players? Time will tell...

This match is done and dusted, but another one in another sport in another continent is about to start. It's Spain versus Czech Republic in the Euro 2016. So check it out on, which is still less than two weeks old.

Sikandar Raza to Pandey, FOUR runs, he just needs one ball and that one is flighted way outside off, he drives by reaching out to it and hits the winning runs through the covers

It's Manish Pandey now

Sikandar Raza to Nair, OUT, loud appeal for lbw and the umpire nods immediately! Raza roars as Nair walks back with disappointment. It was flighted nicely on the middle stump, pretty full, and Nair looked to sweep it, but missed it completely, hit right in front

KK Nair lbw b Sikandar Raza 39 (112m 68b 5x4 0x6) SR: 57.35

Sikandar Raza to Rayudu, 1 run, pushes this one with the turn to long-on for one
Sikandar Raza to Rayudu, no run, the short ball makes him rock back in the crease but it turns a long way and takes him on the left pad
Sikandar Raza to Rayudu, no run, comes down again but defends it back

Just three away

26 | 5 Runs | INDIA: 124/1 (3 runs required from 23.1 overs, RR: 4.76, RRR: 0.12)

  • Karun Nair39 (67b)
  • Ambati Rayudu40 (41b)
  • Graeme Cremer3-0-17-0
  • Sikandar Raza1-0-2-0
Cremer to Nair, no run, hardly any room and it's pushed into the covers again
Cremer to Rayudu, 1 run, shuffles down (for the big shot?) but punches the ball through the covers
Cremer to Nair, 1 run, too short and enough turn for Nair to cut it to sweeper cover for one
Cremer to Rayudu, 1 run, some flight outside off and it's driven down to long-off easily
Cremer to Nair, 1 run, shorter around off, he goes back to cut it to point and he dives to save the run but then concedes an overthrow with a wayward throw

Aby: "Hope we see few changes for the next game. Mandeep, Rishi & Faiz need to get a game atleast."

Cremer to Rayudu, 1 run, pitched up outside off, driven with the turn to long-off

25 | 2 Runs | INDIA: 119/1 (8 runs required from 23.1 overs, RR: 4.76, RRR: 0.32)

  • Karun Nair37 (64b)
  • Ambati Rayudu37 (38b)
  • Sikandar Raza1-0-2-0
  • Graeme Cremer2-0-12-0
Sikandar Raza to Nair, no run, shuffles a bit in the crease and defends it close to the pitch
Sikandar Raza to Nair, no run, some more flight outside off, leans forward and drives to mid-off
Sikandar Raza to Rayudu, 1 run, on the front foot and it's pushed down to long-on easily
Sikandar Raza to Rayudu, no run, comes forward a bit but there's no room and he defends it to midwicket
Sikandar Raza to Nair, 1 run, more towards the stumps now and it's helped to leg for one
Sikandar Raza to Nair, no run, turning in a bit from outside off, pushed to the covers

Here's Sikandar

Rahul Raman: "Don't know about other vacancies, but Rayudu is definitely making Raina uncomfortable at the moment." It's all about the Rs

Rayudu vs Zimbabwe


Rayudu's average against Zimbabwe in ODIs. He has scored 369 runs in 7 inns with 4 not outs. With 41* in this match, his overall ODI average has gone above 50.

KL Rahul's another record


Runs scored by KL Rahul before getting out for the first time in ODIs, which is the highest by an India batsman beating Woorkeri Raman's 103.

Collapse in no time


Zimbabwe's score at the end of 25th over. But before the 35th over got completed, they got all out at the score of 126.

Successive maidens


Maidens bowled by Chahal - his 5th and 6th over of the innings. In the first 4 overs, he had conceded 25 runs without any wicket. He took 3 wkts in those 2 maiden overs.

Sibanda gets going


Sibanda's average against India in ODIs and SR of 50.86, before this match. In 13 innings, just once he scored 50+. Today he reached 50 in 58 balls

False starts


No. of fifty opening stands by Zimbabwe in their last ten ODIs against India. Zimbabwe's first wicket has averaged just 16.8 in those ten innings.