Player of the Match
Player of the Match

5.05 pm: Right so that ends this series. 26 consecutive Tests in Sri Lanka that have had an outright winner. Lots of great performances in these two games, and points split evenly - which is a fair result. And leaving you with a wonderful stat, courtesy our stats maven Shiva Jayaraman. "At present this is the 'winning-est' of years with at least ten Tests in the entire history of Test cricket." Here are the numbers. There will be more cricket soon, join us for that. Till then, this is Saurabh, signing off on behalf of Ankur and Ranjith.

Kane Williamson: "(on what he did differently from Galle) - Lost the toss! (smiles). But a great effort to push for victory and ultimately come out on the winning side. Naturally when the game starts coming so close, and the light's always a factor here as well this time of the year (you do get tense). But it was an outstanding effort from the first innings itself. And then the batters scored at a rate that allowed us to move the game forward. Great individual contributions that allowed us to get the win. Deserve to be 1-1.

Our bowlers bowled really nicely in the UAE as well, but as a collective they got breakthroughs at key moments. Everybody will gain things personally and as a group our general growth is important. Looking forward to my break, the guys are going for some T20 cricket. The international calendar is busy so the moments you do get some time off to refresh are nice."

Dimuth Karunaratne: "I think it was a pretty good wicket. We needed to be patient and put a big score, 240-odd wasn't enough. We need some partnerships, we keep losing wickets regularly. That's the key. But some positives are there. Dhananjay batted really well. But at the end of the day we need to put our hands up and say we didn't do well. But once the batters get a start, we need to get a big one, like Tom and BJ did. Dhananajay and Dickwella were the biggest positives, and the bowlers also did really well."

BJ Watling is the Man of the Series. - his first ever Man of the Series.

Tom Latham is the Man of the Match. "Nice to contribute, we had partnerships throughout the innings. As a batting unit, we look to do that. I don't think we did anything different (to the first Test). We hadn't played Test cricket in a while so just those little adjustments. Conditions are a lot different over here than they are at home, so it's nice to come over here and contribute. (Dickwella catch) - as soon as I saw him go down, I went to my left. Probably a bit lucky it hit his arm and slowed down. The bowlers did extremely well to get all the wickets."

4.55pm: Time for the presentations.

Lots of you asking questions about the World Test championship and how it works. Our explainer has all the answers. Trust me, really it does.

Suley: "Great to see NZ perform well regardless of Williamson. Great depth"

Pratik: "Really happy with the performance of Southee. Lost his place to Matt Henry in limited overs side, almost has been out of favour in Tests too with Wagner faring well. Well done Sixer Southee. 6 wickets and some handsome Sixes with the bat."

Sandy: "Three matches of ICC Test Championship started same day and all three gave results. Bright future for Test Cricket."

Ashish Agarwal: "@Saurabh, you were the one NZ needed. 2 wickets in 8 balls of your commentary..." - I'm going to be rushing through my visa to see if I can make it in time for the presentation ceremony to pick up my Man of the Match award...

4.44pm: The gloom was setting in - in the sky certainly and perhaps in New Zealand hearts too, but even as the day's play was ending, New Zealand managed to winkle out the last two wickets. The series is at 1-1, and both teams are on 60 points now in the World Test Championship table.

Really remarkable effort by New Zealand to close out victory in a match so heavily affected by rain. It almost looked like the sequence of results in Test cricket in Sri Lanka would be broken, but we now have 26 straight Tests that have had an outright winner in Sri Lanka. Ben Stokes may be keeping Test cricket pumping, and Jofra Archer, Steven Smith, Jasprit Bumrah and Virat Kohli may be grabbing the headlines - but if you want to keep Test cricket alive, hey just play in Sri Lanka! They don't know the meaning of a draw here.

Boult to Embuldeniya, OUT, it's all over! A superb short ball from Trent Boult and New Zealand have squared the series. Fast, rising up awkwardly from back of a length and it's too much for a tailender. He's trying to get out of the way by ducking, but it's homing in on his ribs and he is too slow to get his gloves down. The ball flies off the gloves to second slip

L Embuldeniya c Williamson b Boult 5 (20m 11b 1x4 0x6) SR: 45.45

Boult to Embuldeniya, FOUR runs, full ball on the pads and imperiously flicked to the square leg fence. Top shot. And it shows that he's not going to be hesitant even though they are nine down.

70 | 1 Run 1 Wkt | SL: 118/9

  • Lahiru Kumara0 (3b)
  • Lasith Embuldeniya1 (9b)
  • Ajaz Patel19-3-31-2
  • Trent Boult14-8-13-1
Patel to Kumara, no run, turning in sharply from outside off, jabbed back to the bowler
Patel to Kumara, no run,
Patel to Kumara, no run,
Patel to Dickwella, OUT, Dickwella is distraught but he he has to leave. That was against the run of play completely. He had looked so much in control, especially when sweeping. And outstanding anticipation by Tom Latham. So this was a fuller one outside off, Dickwella's been fetching sweeps from there all innings long, this time he gets a top edge. Latham runs from backward short leg to leg slip even as Dickwella was shaping to play the shot and grabbed it.

N Dickwella c Latham b Patel 51 (211m 161b 6x4 0x6) SR: 31.67

Patel to Embuldeniya, 1 run, gets off strike second ball! well done Embuldeniya, jabbed this away backward of point
Patel to Embuldeniya, no run, oooh, just past the outside edge. But he's doing well to play inside the line. This one spun back in but missed the edge

Back for the final stretch is Saurabh, as is Ajaz Patel too.

69 | (maiden) | SL: 117/8

  • Niroshan Dickwella51 (160b)
  • Lasith Embuldeniya0 (7b)
  • Trent Boult14-8-13-1
  • William Somerville21-6-49-2
Boult to Dickwella, no run, full outside off., drives to cover where Taylor makes a diving stop to keep Dickwella off strike
Boult to Dickwella, no run, full and tailing in, tries to turn it leg side and gets a leading edge into the covers
Boult to Dickwella, no run, length around off, defended off the backfoot
Boult to Dickwella, no run, length outside off, left alone
Boult to Dickwella, no run, full on middle, keeps it out without a fuss again
Boult to Dickwella, no run, length on middle, defended back to Boult

As we near a thrilling finish at the P Sara Oval, most of us haven't recovered from the hangover of the Ashes thriller at Headingley last evening. Where do you think Ben Stokes' epic ranks among the greatest fourth-innings knocks in recent memory? Has it surpassed Kusal Perera's 153* as the Test knock of the year?

68 | 1 Run | SL: 117/8

  • Lasith Embuldeniya0 (7b)
  • Niroshan Dickwella51 (154b)
  • William Somerville21-6-49-2
  • Trent Boult13-7-13-1
Somerville to Embuldeniya, no run, tossed up on around middle and off, he opens up a little and keeps it out
Somerville to Embuldeniya, no run, round arm delivery, pretty flat and angled in, defended with hard hands
Somerville to Embuldeniya, no run, full around off, defended
Somerville to Dickwella, 1 run, length around middle and off, swept fine to turn the strike over
Somerville to Dickwella, no run, full around off, comes forward and defends
Somerville to Dickwella, no run, full outside off, tempting delivery but left alone

67 | 1 Run | SL: 116/8

  • Lasith Embuldeniya0 (4b)
  • Niroshan Dickwella50 (151b)
  • Trent Boult13-7-13-1
  • William Somerville20-6-48-2
Boult to Embuldeniya, no run, full outside off, lets it through to the keeper
Boult to Dickwella, 1 run, another short one at the body, Dickwella helps it along to fine leg for one to bring up his slowest and perhaps most important fifty. His previous slowest was off 95 balls, in the previous Test
Boult to Dickwella, no run, length around middle, gets behind it and defends

Sri Lanka 3rd innings Partnerships

0MDKJ PereraHDRL Thirimanne
4MDKJ PereraBKG Mendis
7AD MathewsBKG Mendis
11DM de SilvaBKG Mendis
10N DickwellaBKG Mendis
41FDM KarunaratneN Dickwella
2MDK PereraN Dickwella
40RAS LakmalN Dickwella
3N DickwellaL Embuldeniya
4CBRLS KumaraL Embuldeniya

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