Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Thanks a lot for joining us throughout the final. We hope to see you back for Irani Trophy which starts on the 12th of February. Till then, bye from all of us here

Faiz, Vidarbha captain: It feels unreal. Behind this there is a lot of hard work. The emotions are different from the first time we won it. The pressure and expectations were higher this time. Our off-season preparation went very well and we worked very hard. The best chef doesn't reveal all the ingredients and I would say that we worked hard. I can't thank the support staff as they worked really hard with and on us.

Aditya Sarwate is the man of the match: First of all, I would like to congratulate the Saurashtra team. I had a dream final. In the second innings it was difficult to rotate the strike. I had to keep going because we added valuable runs with the tail

Jaydev Unadkat, the Saurashtra captain: It was a close affair and the final lived up to the expectation. The brand of the cricket we played, till the time I captain this team, I will ensure we continuing the same brand. I hope we have more finals in us. The youngsters have supported the stars in our team effectively. We are proud to be holding the runners-up trophy as well because we have given it our all. Vidarbha deserve all the credit and I am a fan of their brand of cricket as well.

Chandrakant Pandit: When we started poorly, we believed in the routines and process. It's very important to have the support of the association. We were lucky to have Prashant Vaidya, who has been a cricketer himself, backing us to the hilt.

Waseem Jaffer: When I moved to Vidarbha, I didn't expect to reach the final, let alone winning it. I am happy to win two in two years. Playing in a winning team motivates you.

Wakhare: It's an indicator of Waseem's influence that we have played so well. He has been a professional and has had an impact on everyone's game. People called the first win as a fluke. I am happy with the second fluke as well.

Umesh Yadav: Vidarbha has played well for the last 3-4 seasons. So, this (winning the Ranji Trophy for the second time in a row) isn't a surprise. It's definitely good that we have put Vidarbha on the cricketing map of the country. It has motivated the kids to take up cricket. It's a good indicator of how good the support staff is that players haven't got injured through the season.

Sarwate holds the ball up for the 11 wickets in the match. What a performance in the final! Saurashtra can't pull off the chase this time. Saurashtra had Vidarbha on the ropes in both the innings. In the first innings, Karnewar played well and in the second innings, Kale and Sarwate batted to put up a target that Vidarbha could defend

Wakhare to DA Jadeja, OUT, Vidarbha are the Ranji Trophy champions for the second year in succession. Outside the leg stump. He looks to slog and gets a top edge to fine-leg where Sarwate moves to his right and takes the catch

DA Jadeja c Sarwate b Wakhare 17 (64m 56b 2x4 0x6) SR: 30.35

Wakhare to DA Jadeja, no run, on the leg stump line. He comes forward and defends it to the off side

over the wicket

Wakhare to DA Jadeja, no run, fuller ball outside the off stump. He defends it to the off side

Saurashtra 4th innings Partnerships

1st19SS PatelHM Desai
2nd3HM DesaiVM Jadeja
3rd0CA PujaraVM Jadeja
4th13AV VasavadaVM Jadeja
5th20SP JacksonVM Jadeja
6th33KR MakvanaVM Jadeja
7th3PN MankadVM Jadeja
8th12DA JadejaVM Jadeja
9th18JD UnadkatDA Jadeja
10th6DA JadejaC Sakariya