The Buzz: Australia have a new No. 5, but not for long

The ploy of batting Mitchell Starc at No. 5 didn't go too well BCCI

All the world's cricketers walked into a bar. The LOLs, the chatter, and the occasional mini-brawls, they were endless. And the news cycle was never the same again! Welcome to ESPNcricinfo's Social Buzz, your go-to destination for all the bantz, the jousts, and little bit of eavesdropping from the social media playground and beyond.

January 19

Mitchell Starc can hit them long, sure, but it all looked a bit too left-field when he walked out at the fall of Marnus Labuschagne's wicket at No. 5 in the Bengaluru ODI. The man fell for a duck and his wife totally emoji-sledged him.

January 18

Presenting Bilal Asif, singer and songwriter

Bilal Asif is 34, last played for Pakistan in December 2018, and might be thinking of a new career move: singing, and songwriting. If it's anything like his Test debut, when he returned 6 for 36 against Australia, we are looking at an instant hit.

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