November, 3, 2005
The fantasy football hot seat could mean something different for everyone. I assume most of you don't have more than five teams, so you don't own a ton of players. Maybe you could care less about the teams in the sorry NFC Norris Division, as Chris Berman used to call it. Packers, Vikings, Lions and Bears, oh my! Just forget about 'em. Well, not me. I care. Oh, how I care.

To me, however, there's someone on the mythical hot seat in every game. And someone, somewhere, other than me of course, who owns just about everyone and thus has the same fantasy rooting interest -- either all or none, you choose -- in what happens, needs something from that fantasy football player.

So today, to try something new, let's go game-to-game discussing those who fantasy owners are wary of, angry at, giving one last chance to, whatever. (Before my editor passes out, this won't be like Monday's behemoth blog entries. It will be shorter. A little. Promise.)