December, 29, 2005
By the time we get to Week 17, I have to admit, I'm looking forward to the real playoffs. Hey, I'm a football fan who plays fantasy, so even though my favorite team will be playing golf next week (Eagles), I can't wait to see how the postseason goes. Give me Colts-Pats and Seahawks-Giants to decide the Super Bowl teams and that would be tremendous. Or let Denver and Chicago hit the road for the title games, I'll watch. I'll watch all the playoff games, and it will be nice to enjoy the games and not wonder if I have to wonder about my opponent this week using Brooks Bollinger or Bernard Berrian.

Really, most of my fantasy playoff matchups are over. Won a buncha leagues, lost a few others and there's very little for me to root for this weekend. I have one Super Bowl in which I'm up 35 and should be safe. Another is a one-game thing, but there's not a whole lot on the line and the result is no big deal. The guy playing me has never won. I've won plenty. I'll put my best lineup out there, of course, but if he wins, that's OK. Hey, it's a long season and we've analyzed Eli Manning and everyone else so much this year, I just want to see these guys perform in January already.

Bottom line is, I enjoy fantasy football and real football, neither can ruin the other for me by rooting. But I'm ready for the NFL playoffs. One more week!