January, 6, 2006
OK, on Thursday it was 10 through 6 on the list of top fantasy football stories of the year. To read them, simply click on Thursday on the calendar. Got some overnight e-mails about the list, and a few people who apparently didn't see the numbers at the beginning of each paragraph wondered how I could leave out a few of the biggest things. Well, you see, I didn't really … aw, forget it.

One e-mailer asked what my strangest moment of the year was. Glad you asked. Obviously, since my favorite team had such a miserable year, some might wonder if I even enjoyed football at all. Of course I did! Sure, it stunk watching the Eagles lose games each week as if they were still being coached by Rich Kotite. But the expectations of Eagles fans dropped precipitously when one star after another left the lineup. Close division losses didn't bother me so much, though the Giants, Cowboys and Skins all won games from Philly they shouldn't have, but the 42-0 Monday nighter against Seattle, that was horrible.

Oddly enough, the next day, when research showed that the Seahawks might have had the greatest single game ever for a fantasy defense, and fantasy teams that entered Monday night up 34 points and with their opponents having only that Seattle defense actually lost, I realized that the Eagles made history that night! Sure, it hurt to do it and be on the wrong side of history, and there was much embarrassment, but the stories e-mailed to me about how a 34-point lead wasn't safe in the hands of Philly's Mike McMahon were priceless. See, agony can be fun.