Mad at Madson 

April, 21, 2006
So you say Barry Bonds is killing you, being that he hasn't homered yet. Dan Johnson's the reason your team is in 12th place. And now the Derrek Lee injury means you have no hope of competing. The feedback/whining on this is comical really. Someone today writes that Manny Ramirez is responsible for his bad start and he wants to deal him. Go for it, if that's what you believe!

C'mon, people. A hitter can't figuratively kill a fantasy baseball season, certainly not just two-plus weeks. Adrian Beltre could do this all season and still he wouldn't be the reason you didn't win. Your batting average would sure stink, but at least you'd win stolen bases.

But seriously, as a Lee owner I'm not pleased today. As a Bonds owner I smile when I see the Giants are at Coors this weekend. As for Danny J and Manny and the 50 other bats underperforming, I can wait.