Eli hits, Barry walks 

April, 25, 2006
You've got Todd Helton. He goes on the DL. You're sad. It's a deep weekly league you're in, and you can't find anyone to play first base. Finally, reluctantly, you pick up Eli Marrero. Now you know and I know that Marrero is not Todd Helton, but what choice do you have?

And then Marrero homers on his first day on your team, Monday night. All is well. Now he's great!

It's well documented that fantasy owners have as much patience as the Fielder family at the buffet line, but what about the fantasy owner in daily leagues who keeps trying out a new hitter or pitcher every day. It's annoying, isn't it? It's even more maddening when it works, and said owner finds a guy who shouldn't be fantasy relevant, but all of a sudden is.