Walk, then hit 

April, 26, 2006
Maybe it just seems this way, but everywhere I go someone's asking me about a player on their team. Or they want to know whether this trade offer makes sense. Sometimes they ask me if dropping Marcus Giles for Brandon Phillips was a good idea! Well, it's a little late now, eh? You already did it! It happens in the office, at the grocery store, the airport, you name it.

I don't mind talking to people about their fantasy teams. I mean, it could be much worse, I realize. I don't want to talk about politics or the weather or the NBA playoffs, so asking me about whether Nomar Garciaparra is worth a roster spot or why Doug Davis can't stop walking people is fun.

Later today on ESPNEWS I'll be discussing a league made up of anchors, producers and others, including Brian Kenny and Michael Kim, and others. Now these guys haven't been playing fantasy baseball for long. In Kenny's case, this is his debut. Brian knows baseball, mainly from a sabermetric sense, and follows the game, but he's had to learn that while a stolen base and save aren't exactly critical stats in real baseball, in the fantasy game they matter quite a bit.