One month down 

May, 1, 2006
One month down, only five more to go. As you know, offensive numbers are way up, more home runs, more hits and of course, with four weeks complete, nine of the top 12 players in fantasy baseball are ... pitchers.

Let's not read too much into that, but it's obvious that if a lot of players are hitting more than they have in the past, then the dominant pitchers will really stand out. And sorry all you King Felix owners, of the nine pitchers in the top dozen overall, the average age is on the other side of 30. And it's not close. There's Pedro and Curt and Maddux and Moose. Oh my.

It was a month that Chris Shelton seemed to own two weeks in, but doesn't anymore. In fact, he's 29th overall. Not bad, but not top 10. He's no Nick Swisher, Jonny Gomes or Vernon Wells.