Albert's absence 

June, 4, 2006
Albert Pujols owners were feeling pretty good until Saturday night. Prince Albert, the first or second draft pick in most every fantasy baseball league, was providing historic numbers, and it was a joy to turn on SportsCenter or check out the box scores for the next home run.

Twenty five homers and 65 RBI in two months? Are you kidding? It might take Barry Bonds all season to get those numbers! Where's the TV show "Pujols on Pujols"?

Pujols was the king. The best. No fantasy player was in his league. Pujols owners never had to worry about him. Look at some of the other top players from drafts. Derrek Lee got hurt early, and just got his cast off. Mark Teixeira hasn't done much, with fewer homers than Dan Uggla and Toby Hall. Even Alex Rodriguez has elicited complaints. What, he missed a game with the flu? And why isn't he running?