Big Mac traded 

July, 25, 2006
All day long Monday we heard that Alfonso Soriano was heading to the White Sox. But you know the denials are coming. Maybe the Sox are just trying to jack up the price. Maybe the Nationals don't like Brandon McCarthy. Maybe Ozzie's concerned that Soriano will hurt team chemistry. Who knows.

The funny thing, there was an actual major league trade on Monday, and it might affect fantasy baseball even more than when Soriano moves! A closer was dealt! And he's not closing anymore! Film at 11!

I'm so happy I spent that dollar on Mike MacDougal in my office league auction back in mid-March. Sure, I knew what I was getting into. He was hurt. The Royals stink. I'd stash him away and hope for saves at some point. Well, that some point arrived at the All-Star break, MacDougal mowed down the mighty Tigers on 10 pitches for save No. 1 on July 16 and ... now he's gone. He finishes with one save and joins Ozzie Guillen's hit-by-pitch brigade as the new main setup man for Bobby Jenks. We wish Big Mac well. The Royals have baseball worst record. The White Sox are good, though they'd better play better fast because the Twins are a comin'...