NFC Notes 

August, 18, 2006
So what do I think about the preseason schedule in football? Well, it's tough to argue that each team needs as many as four games, or five in a few cases, but fantasy football owners are looking at it the wrong way. People get hurt all the time. If you own Clinton Portis and think the preseason schedule is the reason he got hurt, you're missing the point.

While you think it would be more justified for a preseason injury to happen in a practice, the fact is, it's not. Portis might play in Week 1, he might not. But what if he gets hurt in Washington's only preseason game? That's a reason to cut out the preseason entirely? There is some value for coaches in seeing players perform. Of course they know what Portis and T.O. can do, but not necessarily their backups. Anyway, I've gone on record as saying I won't drop Portis in my rankings until the severity of the shoulder injury is made more clear. So what if he misses the preseason? So what if he misses Week 1?

Remember last year, when a certain All-World tight end missed Week 1 due to a suspension? Yep, Antonio Gates turned out all right in 2005, didn't he?