Week 1 preview 

September, 7, 2006
There's nothing like Week 1 in fantasy football. Our teams are perfect. Think about it. You drafted these players, none of them have been bad yet. None have been good, either, but so far, so good. So what if Edgerrin James rushed for one measly yard this preseason? For your fantasy team he has no yards! It's neither good nor bad. It's nothing. Meaningless.

It all changes this weekend (even though there was a game last night). The perfect players won't be so great anymore. Someone on your bench, some character like Cedric Houston, is liable to have a performance that blows away one of your top picks, like Steven Jackson (that's an example, but sure, it could happen). You'll spend Sunday night complaining to your leaguemates how you really meant to play the Cardinals defense over Chicago's when Arizona returns a few Alex Smith interceptions for touchdowns. Yeah, right.

After this weekend many of you will panic. You'll be worried about your running back depth if two of your three starters see precious little time in Week 1. You drafted Joseph Addai and Cedric Benson, but this really isn't their week. Maybe you trade one of them for some Kevan Barlow type. Trust me, these deals happen all the time, and in between Weeks 1 and 2 is when many get into high panic mode. Deals will be struck, free agents will be signed with little regard to true potential, good players will be cut by mistake. And smart owners will pounce.