Is Berrian for real? 

October, 12, 2006
OK, it's been five weeks now, and I think we've learned a lot about fantasy football and a certain Bears QB. By now, since the e-mails about me once ripping him are down to nothing, you've figured out I'm on the Rex Grossman bandwagon. Funny thing is, I still feel like I'm alone on that!

I've been debating with others on TV and radio this week about this subject and now, oddly enough, I'm the one defending the guy? Whatever. He's a good play this week against the Cardinals. Most people are good plays against that defense.

Football's top team has been thoroughly analyzed by everyone, and in fantasy we've been over the Grossman angle plenty. You can set your weekly watch by it. So now do you believe in him? Yes, I did last week, I still do. We've also discussed the underrated Thomas Jones. The Bears' defense is scary, so much so that nobody wants to use Matt Leinart this Monday night against it, and Edgerrin James owners should think about benching him, too.