Sunday advice 

October, 15, 2006
The biggest names fantasy football owners were asking about on this morning's Fantasy Focus on ESPN Radio (every Sunday, 7-9 a.m. ET) were a pair of Larrys. The news appears good for only one of them for this week, but good in general.

Larry Johnson is going to start today against the Steelers. It's a late game, and that has some people worried, but the Chiefs never did look for more running back depth, which is a good sign for Johnson's health. He'll be OK, and don't worry about the fact he's facing the mighty Steelers. They're not nearly as mighty as you think, especially with Joey Porter out.

Larry Fitzgerald is not going to play Monday night against the Bears, which for him, isn't exactly a bad thing. Fitzgerald has a hamstring injury, and while it was originally believed he'd miss two to five weeks, now the rumor is he might miss only this week. Bryant Johnson will start against the Bears next to Anquan Boldin, but really, does it matter? It's the Bears!