Bad Bucs, Cubs, Brewers 

November, 3, 2006
The St. Louis Cardinals are the champs. This is not breaking news to you, unless you've been living in a cave, or you own 236 fantasy football teams, but Tony LaRussa took a team with 83 wins, one reliable starting pitcher, one top hitter and won it all. Jim Leyland, on the other hand, is wishing he had kept those Tom Emanski instructional videos around.

But there's no need to recap the World Series in a fantasy blog. Give the Cardinals their props, but as we go through the rest of the lowly NL Central Division, it's clear the Cards were fortunate. This is baseball's worst division, with its bottom three teams losing 70 more games than they won, and each being outscored by at least 100 runs. And to think, I had the Cubs pegged as a potential wild card team.

Let's start with the Cubs and continue to recap the 2006 season team by team as well as look ahead. For the writeups on the Cardinals, Astros and Reds, click here. For the Marlins/Nationals, click here and the top three teams in the NL are here.