Barfield dealt to Tribe 

November, 9, 2006
Look at the names being bandied about in MLB trade talks, and you won't find too many inexpensive, young players in the mix. Philly would do anything to dump Pat Burrell on someone. Gary Sheffield is moving on. And look at the free agents, they're veterans, big names, and their new contracts will be worth more than the gross national product of some countries.

Josh Barfield is not one of these guys. He won't win the NL Rookie of the Year award, mainly because it's a deep class of first-year players, and Barfield, while having a good season, wasn't that good. Now he's not even in the NL anymore.

In case you missed Wednesday's big MLB news, buried in the Daisuke Matsuzaka talk, a team thinking of moving within its state, a new manager, a former Cy Young winner being released from prison and more Sheffield whining, there was the significant trade of Barfield to the Indians for prospects Kevin Kouzmanoff and Andrew Brown.