Sunday: Late morning thoughts 

November, 12, 2006
Mike Shanahan's at it again. Is it Mike Bell, Tatum Bell, Greg Bell, Kerwin Bell or Buddy Bell? Is it Cedric Cobbs or Damien Nash? Shanahan always keeps ya guessing.

Look, it would be nice if the Broncos were playing a team like the Bears today, then it wouldn't matter much in fantasy, we'd let whatever's going to happen happen. But the Broncos are meeting the Raiders, and after we all saw Maurice Morris rush for a season-high 138 yards in Monday's snoreathon on Oakland, then we have to watch everything seriously with the Denver running game. This is a top notch running team playing a bad defensive team. What would I do?

Word is Mike Bell might not even dress for the game, and Tatum is going to start. So, depending on your other options, we have to assume Tatum is healthy enough for 15 carries, and could get decent yardage. Of course, part of me believes he's a decoy and he'll get about three carries and leave the game. Then, of course, Cobbs becomes the next Reuben Droughns. Hey, it's happened before.