Big Hurt heads north 

November, 17, 2006
Fantasy owners took a while to get back on the Frank Thomas bandwagon, and for good reason. He missed much of 2004-05, playing in only 108 games. But when he played, he hit. So what was the most surprising number from 2006 for the Big Hurt, 137 or 39?

To me, it was clearly the first number, which was games played. Thomas was never Cal Ripken Jr. when it came to durability, but he was a better fantasy option than Cal ever was. Thomas owned the 1990s, and even now, at 38, he can still hit. In fact, he did hit the previous years, nearly a home run every third game.

What we didn't see coming was the durability. Do we see it the next two years now that he's joined another team? They do have pretty good health care in Canada, so I hear, but the new Blue Jay does remain a fantasy baseball draft day risk.