Week 13 game-by-game 

December, 1, 2006
Maybe that Cincinnati defense is better than we thought? Or is it the Baltimore offense? Either way, my first thought on that Thursday night game, had I not watched it, would have been, "OK, so that's the first quarter, where's the rest?"

Cincy was going to score, even on a top defense. But it didn't. Carson Palmer made one big play, which turned out to be enough. Does this change our outlook for either team going forward, from a fantasy or real aspect? Makes me think the Bengals are a lot more dangerous than anyone thought. Now we just have to explain that Michael Vick game a month ago...

Bengals 13, Ravens 7: The Cincy defense entered this game coming off its first shutout since 1989, so there was no reason to expect another one. But it almost got another one, until Steve McNair made things interesting with a minute to go. For that defense to go nearly two full games without allowing a point is hard to believe. Luck? Personnel changes? Facing the right teams? Probably all of the above. For the record, the Baltimore D actually outscored Cincy's last night in fantasy, six to four (thanks to the sacks). For the season, the Bengals' D is tied for 12th in fantasy, so maybe it was never as bad as most people figured.