Zito to the Giants 

December, 28, 2006
I'm never going to be a free agent pitcher, but if I was, and all the monopoly money being thrown in my direction looked somewhat the same, there would be two things that would interest me. One would be the opportunity to play for a championship. The other would be to pitch in a big ballpark that would help me put up better statistics.

The case can be made that Barry Zito accomplished both goals when he signed with the Giants Thursday.

Are the Giants an NL contender? They won only 76 games last year, and their best player is over 40 and might just put down the bat for good when he hits his 22nd home run in 2007. Their offseason moves, until this one, aren't noteworthy. But yeah, they can contend. The World Series champ just won 83 games. And the Giants play in a division with mediocrity. Did the Dodgers get better? J.D. Drew is gone, Jason Schmidt, Juan Pierre and Luis Gonzalez are new. Doesn't excite me much. Padres now have both Gileses. Wonderful. Arizona's trying to deal for Randy Johnson to fix their problems. Yeah, the Giants can contend right now.