Recapping the WRs, TEs, etc. 

January, 5, 2007
It's a Friday, and for the last 17 of them I was previewing a full fantasy football weekend slate. But now it's the real playoffs, and my favorite team managed to not only get there, but get a home game. You know where I'll be Sunday at 4 ET: Parked in front of the TV (unless somehow I can get a ticket to the game).

Fantasy owners should be watching this weekend as well. Sure, your official fantasy season ended, but aren't you a football fan as well? I know some of you aren't - and that's OK, we're not here to judge - but I don't understand. I know someone who had 33 fantasy football teams. He won about a third of those leagues. And he's admitted he could not care less about the real playoffs. How can one have such a commitment to the fantasy game yet not care at all about the real game? His team was eliminated, but hey, I'd be watching all four games this weekend whether Philly had made it or not.

For those who play in playoff fantasy leagues, you can check out Scott Engel's wise playoff rankings as well as Tristan Cockcroft's playoff statbook. I'm quite certain they're interested in the weekend results as well, and not only because their favorite teams are still playing.