Why Sosa could actually work out 

February, 1, 2007
The Sammy Sosa signing in Texas continues to make news, mainly for off-the-field reasons, which there's no need to get into here. While I've discussed this move a few times in the blog, on radio and on ESPNEWS, it's always been about Sammy himself. Does he have the bat speed? Is there anything left in the tank? Can he even stay healthy at age 38? All fine questions.

Now it's time to discuss other Rangers offensive matters, because we need to be discussing other Rangers who will be affected, and why a move like this is even necessary. Is it? Well, yes, it appears to be.

For the record, I think Sosa will come to Rangers camp motivated, and will surely be in better shape than he was when he walked out of Baltimore (literally, before the season ended) with a sad .221 average, seemingly done. Well, I expect Sosa now realizes if he wants to make a roster, he can't merely stride and say, "Here I am!" Well, I hope so.