Letting go of Francisco Liriano  

February, 7, 2007
Would you keep a player on your fantasy baseball team for an entire year even if you knew he wasn't going to play? Wouldn't help you at all in 2007. Total waste. But down the line, eventually, there would be a payoff. Well, a likely payoff, but really, who knows.

Go ahead and draft Francisco Liriano in keeper leagues if you like. Or, if you had him last year, hold on to your investment. Me, I'll pass.

This topic has come up in e-mails and discussion quite a bit lately, so I figured I'd throw in my thoughts. With some injured and recovering players, they tease us with return dates. Maybe Pedro Martinez makes it back by the All-Star break. Juan Rivera is clearly out a while, so are Matt Clement and Eddie Guardado. But those guys aren't Liriano.