Who's closing? 

March, 20, 2007
OK, so it's time for the daily update on the Red Sox closer situation. Really, it's going to change a lot. But rather than write the same ol' stuff about Joel Pineiro, Mike Timlin, Julian Tavarez, Brendan Donnelly, Craig Hansen, Devern Hansack and Dick Drago (well, one of those guys will definitely not close), let's play the over/under game with closers.

As of today, March 20, who will lead the following teams in saves for the 2007 season?

Red Sox: Armando Benitez. OK, that's not fair. Let's not expect a trade, though I do think 'Mando is going somewhere. But I gotta admit, I don't think the eventual Sox save leader is actually on the team currently. A case can be made that even though the Sox should be pretty good, and maybe win 90 games, nobody will top 15 saves. Is that possible? Sure is.