New Atlanta Braves outfielder B.J. Upton finished the 2012 season as the No. 14 outfielder on the ESPN Fantasy Player Rater, but I'm guessing most people wouldn't even think of selecting him among the top 14 outfielders in a draft. After all, the guy hasn't hit as well as .250 for an entire season since 2008 and it's tough to make a good case, looking at his trends in strikeout/walk rates, that he's a reasonable candidate to suddenly do so in the future.

However, instead of focusing on what Upton did not do well the past four seasons for the Tampa Bay Rays, let's focus on the good, because there's plenty of it for fantasy owners. This fellow possesses a valuable and unique combination of power and speed, and it's time fantasy owners realize how undervalued that can be. Last season Upton slipped to late in the eighth round of ESPN standard league drafts, which was odd for someone who is durable and raising his home run total each season (since 2008). He's run a bit less the past two seasons, but he's only 28, in his prime and frankly, moving to the NL should be in the discussion for top-50 overall in 2013.