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Well, I certainly enjoyed the final night of the 2011 baseball regular season! How about you? Of course, while our fantasy baseball leagues are over for the year, the playoffs are starting Friday and you can still have a blast with postseason pools as well. Below you will find my annual rankings of the top 100 choices for those pools, and as you can see, it's heavily weighted to ace pitchers. They always score the most points.

It's important to note that, while Albert Pujols might be the best offensive player and someone you love, if you don't think the St. Louis Cardinals are going to win their first-round series against the 102-win Philadelphia Phillies, then picking him is problematic. We said this a year ago with NL MVP Joey Votto. He played in three quick games. So view these rankings for what they are; Pujols is a better fantasy choice in 2012 than all of these pitchers, but in a postseason pool, not so much.

In order to win a playoff pool, it stands to reason you have to make some choices in predicting team winners. For the record, I think the first-round winners will be the Phillies, Milwaukee Brewers, Detroit Tigers and Texas Rangers, but I see the AL series as potential five-game series that could go either way. Regardless, if you think the New York Yankees are gonna win it all, by all means choose their ace first and their power options early as well. Picking two players from each of the eight teams probably won't result in you winning the postseason pool.

As always, thanks to trusted colleague Tristan H. Cockcroft for sharing his thoughts on the list below, as well as running our office pool. The scoring rules we use: 1 point for a single, 2 for a double, 3 for a triple, 4 for a home run, 1 for an RBI, 1 for a run scored, 1 for a walk, 1 for a hit-by-pitch (batter), 2 for a stolen base, 4 for a win, 8 for a save, 1 per pitching out (so 3 per inning), -1 for each hit allowed, -1 for each walk allowed, -1 for a hit by pitch (pitcher), -3 for an earned run, 2 for a pitcher strikeout. Got all that? Here we go!