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Rodeo With Style

Charreadas illustration
Drama, beauty and danger fill the ring of La Charreada -- rodeo, the Mexican way. Competitors ride horses, chase bulls and display their skills with ropes. The devotion to the sport has been passed down from generation to generation. Here, style is substance. Audio slide show

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Lapchick: NASCAR making strides
Clearly, the talent is there, but professional racing still needs more top Latino drivers at all levels. And corporate sponsors still need to fully embrace diversity as a business imperative, writes Richard Lapchick.
Dettloff: Salvadoran hero Hernandez fighting for a cause
When Carlos Hernandez steps into the ring, the crime rate in El Salvador drops. Coincidence? Hardly. William Dettloff looks at one fighter's fistic plight to cure his people's woes.
Drucker: The proud daughter of Puerto Rico
From a moody, undisciplined player, to one of the most zealous competitors to ever step foot on the court, Gigi Fernandez became the pride of Puerto Rican sports and relished every moment of it.
Drucker: Gonzalez thrived under duress and anger
Richard "Pancho" Gonzalez epitomized power, pinpoint accuracy and vengeance on the court. But a persistent struggle for recognition, personal struggles and discrimination left one of the most influential players of his era enraged.
Jackson: Manny being … MVP?
Yes, Manny Ramirez has played just two months with the Dodgers, but he has a case for being the NL's MVP.
Keri: Albert Pujols, underappreciated superstar
Albert Pujols shouldn't be penalized for our short attention spans. He deserves the NL MVP award.
McNeil: Velasquez an inspiration to Hispanic-Americans
Cain Velasquez is well aware of the accomplishments put forth by Hispanic-Americans and understands the expectations to remain a role model and perform at the highest level inside the cage.
MMA prodigy boasts lifetime of experience
When it comes to almost any form of organized fighting, Drake Dudley is the real deal -- a natural. The 14-year-old from Texas has been fighting since age 7, supported by a cornerman who is uniquely invested in this mixed martial arts prodigy.
Houston: The best Puerto Rican fighters
Puerto Rico has had no shortage of world-class fighters throughout its history. Graham Houston looks at five of the best boxers to emerge from the island.
Houston: The best Mexican fighters
Mexico has produced a plethora of world-class prizefighters over the years. Graham Houston lists the top fighters from south of the border.
Dettloff: Cotto-Margarito a must-win situation for both fighters
When a Puerto Rican and a Mexican meet in the ring, losing isn't an option. William Dettloff breaks down the intense Puerto Rican-Mexican rivalry.
Meet Ricky Rubio, basketball's best-kept secret
Sure, you're still tingling about the NBA draft, but it's our job as responsible journalists to … launch the buzz for next year's! Introducing Spain's Ricky Rubio, basketball's best-kept secret. (Oops.)
Fantasy All-Stars: It's all about value
Jason Grey reveals the fantasy all-stars: the players who may not be the best at their position but have brought the most value for their fantasy owners.
U.S. roster for Futures Game
Check out the players who will represent the U.S. team at Yankee Stadium on July 13.
World roster for Futures Game
Check out the players who will represent the World team at Yankee Stadium on July 13.
Kurkjian: Choosing All-Star starters and reserves
A position-by-position breakdown of the players who should be All-Star starters and reserves.
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Business success

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Skills and toughness

Erick Nader grew up playing soccer on the streets of Brazil but found his calling in Framingham, Mass., writes Lucas O'Neill.

She was right

People told Lisa Fernandez she was too short or didn't have the right build to play softball at the highest level. She proved them wrong. Story

Just play

Despite injury and disappointment, for Aaron Garcia, it's all about playing as long as you can, whether it's sandlot football, the AFL or NFL. Story

Ahead of the game

Generations of Puerto Rican baseball players followed in the footsteps of Hiram Bithorn, who made his Major League Baseball debut in April 1942. Story

Madden 09

The Chicago Bears' Roberto Garza graces the cover of the Spanish version of "Madden NFL '09," and as Wayne Drehs explains, he plans to avoid "the jinx." Story

In his own words

Milwaukee Bucks forward Charlie Villanueva recounts the challenges he faced as a child and why they compel him to give back today. Story

Manny being 'The Man'

"Manny being Manny" has taken on new meaning in Los Angeles, where Manny Ramirez clearly has become the Dodgers' leading man. Story

NFL in Mexico

The NFL has a strong fan base in Mexico, with the Dallas Cowboys among the most popular teams, writes Rafael Zamorano of Story

Coach and mentor

Philadelphia Eagles offensive line coach Juan Castillo has a message for others seeking their dreams. senior writer Elizabeth Merrill explains. Story

Perfect ring symmetry

At 5-foot-11, 118 pounds with a 76-inch reach, Panama Al Brown was a lean, mean fighting machine and the first Hispanic world boxing champion. Story

Salsa night: 1973

In August 1973, Larry Harlow helped bring Puerto Rican pride to Yankee Stadium for one of the most significant concerts in Latin music history. Story

Ballpark cuisine: ¡Delicioso!

Maybe they should change the words to baseball's favorite song. Instead of "Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack," fans clamor for empanadas. Story

Trojan leader

Mark Sanchez didn't know how important his roots were to Mexican-Americans -- or himself -- until he became USC's starting quarterback. ESPN The Magazine

A pugilistic pioneer

Chango Carmona didn't earn enough to live like a king, but he's still happy. Robert Morales catches up with the former lightweight champ. Story

Futbol Es Vida

Oregon high school soccer player Erik Hurtado mastered ball control, shielding, trapping and heading, then put his speed to work.

Her vision, her future

Irma Garcia is in her second year at St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights, N.Y., where she's become the country's only female Hispanic AD. Story

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