By Dan Shanoff
Page 2

An annual Page 2 tradition continues! Don't head into the new year spouting last year's conventional wisdom. Study the list below for what's "in" for 2006 (and "out" from 2005). Get ahead of the curve and be the smartest fan in your office, bar argument or speed-dating pool.

(How'd I do last year? Well, for instance, in the category "America's Sweetheart," I predicted "Charlie Weis." Check out my lists from previous years: 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001.

Category Out from '05 In for '06

"Next poker" Ballroom dancing Darts
Sports spouse Anna Benson Michelle Damon
Barry Bonds conflict Blasting the media Blasting past Babe
Hottie sensation Laura Quinn (Brady's sister/A.J. Hawk's GF) Jenn Sterger ("Florida State Facebook Girl")
Breakthrough NFL coach Lovie Smith Romeo Crennel
Entertain us! Terrell Owens Chad Johnson
MLB scandal Steroids?! Red Sox finish 3rd?!
You trade, you lose Randy Moss Ron Artest
Women's golf star
Michelle Wie

Morgan Pressel
MLB MVP fan favorite "Papi" (David Ortiz) "Pronk" (Travis Hafner)
"Right Way" in NBA Larry Brown's Flip Saunders'
Will he turn pro? Matt Leinart Vince Young
Reality TV Guys playing HS football Women playing roller derby
Breakthrough NFL QB Eli Manning Philip Rivers
Sports movie subject Prison football Auto racing
How you consume sports Big screens Cell phones
Pun "Urban" anything "XL" everything
Women's hoops sensation Seimone Augustus Candace Parker
MLB ace-in-progress
Felix Hernandez

Francisco Liriano
Women's Olympic heroes Softball players Snowboarders
Sports towns San Antonio New Orleans
Athlete fun time Vikings boat cruises Good ol' strip clubs
College hoops sensation UNC (March 2005) Ohio St. (November 2006)
"He's Earned It" NBA MVP Steve Nash Elton Brand
NASCAR stars Hotheads Women
Must-see Coll FB playmaker Reggie Bush Ted Ginn Jr.
Theo Epstein bombshell Quits Red Sox! Joins Nationals!
Dancing fool Evander Holyfield Jerry Rice/Kenny Mayne
Coach to emulate Heart hidden under hoodie (Belichick, Popovich) Heart on sleeve (Guillen, Carroll)
World Baseball Classic controversy Who's playing? Playing time
Female Athlete of the Year
Annika Sorenstam

Danica Patrick
Male Athlete of the Year Lance Armstrong World Cup MVP
Team of the Year Patriots Pistons

In the Page 2 "Hot/Not" tradition, here are some picks. Not the teams/players we like to win each major sport. Simply the ones that are out like '05 (or hot for '06):

Category Tired Trendy
NFL Pats Bears
NBA Suns Clippers
MLB White Sox Blue Jays
College FB Penn State South Carolina
College BB UNC Villanova
Hockey NHL Olympics
Soccer Brazil Germany
Golf Jason Gore Luke Donald

Dan Shanoff is a columnist for Page 2. His "Daily Quickie" commentary appears every weekday morning.