The meaning of Heroes

TBD By Editor Andrew Footit

Do you have what it takes to be a hero? It's hard to know, right? Because here's the thing about heroes: They can make the very notion of heroism seem almost unobtainable.

How do teenage daughters lift 2,800-pound tractors off their fathers, and mothers lift cars off their trapped babies? How does a man born into a war-torn African region survive death threats and terrorism to find asylum on a soccer field? How did players on the 1999 U.S. women's soccer team become legends to a generation of young athletes while simultaneously taking a penalty shot at the system? How does a man born without arms and legs defy all detractors to coach a football team to glory-and dream of one day coaching at the highest levels? How indeed?

Because here is the other thing about heroes: Ask any of the hundreds of athletes highlighted in this issue how they became a hero and what you'll likely receive in return is a shrug.

So do you have what it takes to be a hero? We'll answer for you: You will never truly know until you're presented the opportunity to be one.