Get ready for 'N-E-R-D-S'

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

In her new music video, Chiney Ogwumike celebrates the culture of Stanford.

As a senior, I want to leave it all out there. I want to celebrate the family, friends, teammates, coaches, faculty and fans that have brought me so much happiness over the past four years. As expected, this happiness is portrayed through another music video! Our new video "N-E-R-D-S" (Nerd Anthem) is out. In my opinion, the Nerd movement started with Stanford football's usage of #RevengeOfTheNerds. It evolved as my big sis, Nneka, and I dubbed Stanford "Nerd City" in our music video, "Nerd City Kid." And now, the Nerd movement has gone viral, amounting in Nerd Nation!

With regard to my school, "N-E-R-D-S" is the new anthem. It celebrates the culture of Stanford: a university marked by its remarkable people, a place that opens doors, provides opportunities and takes you on a journey of self-discovery.

With regard to Stanford athletics, "N-E-R-D-S" is another demonstration of how student-athletes are trying to redefine the word, nerd. Being a nerd does not mean you are less of anything else, athlete for instance. Rather, being a nerd is investing in your future.

And lastly for me, "N-E-R-D-S" is the soundtrack for my last hurrah! It is the closing of one chapter as a student-athlete at Stanford and the opening of another one yet to come in the near future.