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The sold-out crowd at Madison Square Garden for the League of Legends World Championship 2016 semifinals watches the games live. Robert Paul for ESPN

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North America

Team Stats: Cloud9 | CLG | Echo Fox | FlyQuest | Immortals | Phoenix1 | Team Dignitas | Team EnVyUs | Team Liquid | Team SoloMid

Recaps - Week 9

NA LCS W9D2: Echo Fox scrapes by for 2-1 win against Team EnVyUs

NA LCS W9D2: Cloud9 sweeps Phoenix1 to secure a top-2 spot in NA

NA LCS W9D2: Team Liquid gets Lift-ed past Team SoloMid

NA LCS W9D2: Immortals prey on weakened CLG

NA LCS W9D1: FlyQuest keeps LCS playoff hopes alive

NA LCS W9D1: Cloud9 cohesive in sweep of Dignitas in LoL


Team Stats: Fnatic | G2 Esports | Giants Gaming | H2k Gaming | Misfits | Origen | ROCCAT | Splyce | Unicorns of Love | Team Vitality

Recaps - Week 9

EU LCS W9D3: Fnatic outlasts Giants Gaming

EU LCS W9D3: Vitality creative but careless in 2-1 loss to H2K Gaming

EU LCS W9D2: Unicorns of Love show no love to Origen in the EU LCS

EU LCS W9D2: ROCCAT surgically upsets Misfits

EU LCS W9D1: G2 Esports relentless in sweep of Giants Gaming

EU LCS W9D1: Splyce opens week in style with Vitality sweep

South Korea

Team Stats: Afreeca Freecs | bbq Olivers | Jin Air Green Wings | Kongdoo Monsters | KT Rolster | Longzhu | MVP | ROX Tigers | Samsung Galaxy | SK Telecom T1

Recaps - Week 9

LCK W9D5: Kongdoo monstrous in upset over KT Rolster

LCK W9D5: Afreeca Freecs slay the dragons of Longzhu

LCK W9D4: ROX Tigers burning bright against MVP

LCK W9D4: SK Telecom T1 falls in decisive Samsung Galaxy sweep

LCK W9D3: It was the best of Afreeca, it was the worst of Afreeca

LCK W9D3: Jin Air Green Wings comes alive vs. Kongdoo Monster

LCK W9D2: SKT falter, but do not fall against Longzhu

LCK W9D2: MVP shocks KT Rolster in stunning upset

LCK W9D1: bbq Olivers sizzle, then fizzle against ROX Tigers

LCK W9D1: Jin Air deflate against Samsung Galaxy


Team Stats: EDward Gaming | Game Talents | I May | Invictus Gaming | LGD Gaming | Newbee | OMG | QG Reapers | Royal Never Give Up | Snake | Team WE | Vici Gaming

Recaps - Week 7

LPL W7D4: Royal Never Gives Up barely survives against Vici Gaming

LPL W7D4: QG Reapers charm Snake Esports

LPL W7D3: Invictus Gaming 'shockwaves' Game Talents into submission

LPL W7D3: Newbee picks up 'cool' win against LGD Gaming

LPL W7D3: Team WE delivers 2-0 beatdown vs. OMG

LPL W7D2: I May upsets EDward Gaming with impunity

LPL W7D2: Uzi and Royal Never Give Up crack open QG Reapers

LPL W7D1: Game Talents tames Snake Esports

LPL W7D1: Vici Gaming wrests control of early game from Invictus Gaming


Team Stats: Ahq | eXtreme Gamers | Fireball | Flash Wolves | HKE | J Team | Machi | Wayi Spider

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Fantasy LCS

With ESPN Fantasy editor Leo Howell

Fantasy LCS Picks and Passes for Week 9

Fantasy LCS Picks and Passes for Week 8

Fantasy LCS Picks and Passes for Week 7

Fantasy LCS Picks and Passes for Week 6

Fantasy LCS Picks and Passes for Week 5

Fantasy LCS Picks and Passes for Week 4

Fantasy LCS picks and passes for Week 3

Fantasy LCS picks and passes for Week 2

Fantasy LCS picks and passes - Take the mid, leave the top laner.


LCK W6: Mata on shotcalling: '[I'm] not a dictator telling everyone what exactly to do'.

LCK W6: Smeb on KT Rolster: 'Our goal is perfection'.

NA LCS W5: Phoenix1's Zig: Going from relegation to LCS finals would be 'really sick'.

NA LCS W5: Fionn's (almost) mid-season LCS MVP and Rookie of the Split

NA LCS W4: Cloud9's Sneaky: 'I think it's too early to tell [if this will be the best iteration of C9]'

EU LCS W4: How is KaKAO adjusting to life in EU?

NA LCS W4: FlyQuest taking flight in the NA LCS

LCK W3: The juicy tale of South Korea's bbq Olivers

LCK W3: Hitting the next level: Huni thriving under kkOma on SKT

EU LCS W3: From EU to IWC and back: the story of UoL's Xerxe

Podcast: Exceeding Expectations

NA LCS W3: Cloud9's Impact: 'I just want to win'

NA LCS W3: Phoenix1's Yoo "Ryu" Sang-ook: 'I'm still having fun'

NA LCS W3: FlyQuest's resurgent Moon: 'Dardoch's my rival'

NA LCS W2: Immortals' Hermes -- 'It's about securing the superior position every single moment of the game'

EU LCS W1: Expect on Worlds: 'It was a good experience, but I have bad memories'

NA LCS W1: Piglet: 'I'm the best right now, especially in NA'

NA LCS W1: Phoenix1 AD carry Arrow: "Let's fight, Ssumday, come on!"

NA LCS W1: The Flame Chronicles No. 1: Coming to America

Past Recaps

Recaps - Week 8

NA LCS W8D3: Cloud9 outlasts Team Envy

NA LCS W8D3: Counter Logic Gaming's tenacity pays off vs. FlyQuest

NA LCS W8D3: Phoenix1 sends Immortals packing

NA LCS W8D3: Team SoloMid steamrolls Echo Fox

NA LCS W8D2: Team SoloMid denies FlyQuest's upset bid

NA LCS W8D2: Dignitas makes the most of Envy mistakes

NA LCS W8D2: Team Liquid helpless in loss against Phoenix1

NA LCS W8D2: Immortals look the part in 2-1 win against Cloud9

NA LCS W8D1: CLG overcomes slow starts, sweeps Echo Fox

NA LCS W8D1: Team Dignitas cruises to victory against Team Liquid

EU LCS W8D3: Splyce sends Origen to relegations

EU LCS W8D3: ROCCAT plays Giants-killer in 2-0 sweep

EU LCS W8D2: G2 Esports keeps the streak alive against Misfits

EU LCS W8D2: Group B belongs to Unicorns of Love

EU LCS W8D1: Team Vitality keeps Origen winless

EU LCS W8D1: ROCCAT stuns Fnatic in upset victory

LCK W8D5: Kongdoo Monster continues to flop in loss against Samsung Galaxy

LCK W8D4: SK Telecom T1 tars and feathers bbq Olivers

LCK W8D4: MVP's Ian clinches intense match vs. Jin Air Green Wings

LCK W8D3: Samsung snowballs to upset win over KT Rolster

LCK W8D3: Game 3 dominance gives Longzhu a win against ROX Tigers

LCK W8D2: MVP slays Kongdoo Monster

LCK W8D2: SKT stays on top with win over Afreeca Freecs

LCK W8D1: KT Rolster shows dents in the armor against Jin Air Green Wings

LCK W8D1: Longzhu Gaming sears bbq Olivers

LPL W6D4: OMG slowly meanders to victory over Newbee

LPL W6D4: I May demolish Game Talents in clean sweep

LPL W6D3: Clearlove returns to EDG in triumph vs. Snake Esports

LPL W6D3: Team WE shuts down RNG's aggression

LPL W6D3: LGD punishes Vici Gaming's mistakes

LPL W6D2: Invictus Gaming fired up by Game 1 loss to QG Reapers

LPL W6D2: Newbee's Swift puts on a clinic vs. I May

LPL W6D1: OMG's mid-lane jungler kicks off upset over EDward Gaming

Recaps - Week 7

NA LCS W7D3: Team Liquid's aces keep the dream alive

NA LCS W7D3: Dignitas gets wise to Echo Fox shenanigans

NA LCS W7D3: Counter Logic Gaming upsets Cloud9 in all-out brawl

NA LCS W7D2: New-look Phoenix1 roster stays sharp against Echo Fox

NA LCS W7D2: FlyQuest keeps falling, loses to Immortals

NA LCS W7D2: First vs. Worst: Team SoloMid beats Team EnVyUs 2-1

NA LCS W7D2: Aces give Team Dignitas the upper-hand against Counter Logic Gaming

NA LCS W7D1: FlyQuest goes down in flames to Phoenix1

NA LCS W7D1: Cloud9 spoils Doublelift's return in 2-0 sweep over Team Liquid

EU LCS W7D3: Giants Gaming topple over Origen

EU LCS W7D2: Unicorns of Love resilient in win over Fnatic

EU LCS W7D2: G2 Esports faces worthy opponent Splyce

EU LCS W7D1: ROCCAT wins first series of the season against Origen

EU LCS W7D1: Orianna forces remake in Vitality vs. Giants Gaming

LCK W7D5: Perfect teamfights set Samsung up for victory over Longzhu

LCK W7D5: KT Rolster brutally dismantles ROX Tigers

LCK W7D4: SK Telecom T1 is the real Monster under the bed

LCK W7D4: Afreeca's Kuro delivers showstopping performance vs. MVP

LCK W7D3: KT Rolster chops up bbq Olivers

LCK W7D2: Kongdoo Monster continue to struggle in loss against ROX Tigers

LCK W7D2: Afreeca Freecs upset Samsung Galaxy

LCK W7D1: Beyond carries MVP to victory over bbq Olivers

LCK W7D1: SK Telecom T1 flies to victory over Jin Air Green Wings

LPL W5D4: Team WE in dominant form in victory over I May

LPL W5D4: QG Reapers pick up momentum over LGD Gaming

LPL W5D3: Newbee folds to a Royal flush

LPL W5D2: Athena leads I May in stunning comeback vs. QG Reapers

LPL W5D1: OMG gives Vici Gaming no quarter

Recaps - Week 6

NA LCS W6D3: Immortals flounder against Team EnVyUs

NA LCS W6D3: Looper and Froggen out-Fox Team Liquid

NA LCS W6D3: Hauntzer tyrannizes top lane for Team SoloMid

NA LCS W6D2: Phoenix1 wreaks havoc on Team Dignitas

NA LCS W6D2: Team SoloMid tops CLG in dominant fashion

NA LCS W6D2: FlyQuest stumbles but regains control in 2-1 win against Envy

NA LCS W6D2: Cloud9 runs away with 2-0 sweep of Echo Fox

NA LCS W6D1: Piglet's switch to mid leads Liquid to victory

EU LCS W6D3: Unicorns of Love show none for Team ROCCAT in LoL sweep

EU LCS W6D3: Misfits sweep winless Origen, remain in Group A contention

EU LCS W6D2: G2 Esports continues to dominate EU League, sweeps Vitality

EU LCS W6D2: H2k Gaming crushes Fnatic in two-game sweep

EU LCS W6D1: H2k Gaming crushes Fnatic in two-game sweep

EU LCS W6D1: Misfits win war of attrition over Unicorns of Love

EU LCS W6D1: A Splyce-y hot series against Giants Gaming

LCK W6D5: Afreeca Freecs win back-and-forth scuffle against Kongdoo

LCK W6D5: SKT take down KT Rolster in Telecom Wars

LCK W6D4: Jin Air Green Wings gets ROX'd

LCK W6D4: Samsung Galaxy dissects bbq Olivers

LCK W6D3: SK Telecom T1 takes razor-thin win over KT Rolster

LCK W6D2: Samsung Galaxy scorches bbq Olivers

LCK W6D2: ROX Tigers decimate Jin Air Green Wings in one-sided victory

LCK W6D1: Longzhu Gaming takes down MVP in closely contested series

LCK W6D1: Afreeca Freecs win back-and-forth affair against Kongdoo Monster

LPL W4D4: Royal Never Give Up rocket jump to victory over EDward Gaming

LPL W4D4: LGD Gaming unable to weather the storm against Game Talents

LPL W4D3: QG Reapers' Doinb unkillable against OMG

LPL W4D3: I May confidently sweeps Vici Gaming

LPL W4D3: Team WE takes explosive win over Invictus Gaming

LPL W4D2: Royal Never Give Up lives up to its name against Game Talents

LPL W4D2: Fireloli leads EDward Gaming's rebound against LGD

LPL W4D1: Invictus Gaming demolishes Newbee

LPL W4D1: Team WE outclasses Snake Esports

Week 5

NA LCS W5D3: Phoenix1 sweeps Cloud9 in cruel plot twist.

NA LCS W5D3: Counter Logic Gaming punishes Team Liquid's mistakes.

NA LCS W5D3: Immortals ride Drakes to victory over Echo Fox.

NA LCS W5D3: Team SoloMid squash FlyQuest's antics.

NA LCS W5D2: TSM ends Cloud9's undefeated run

NA LCS W5D2: Echo Fox tripped up by Team EnVyUs

NA LCS W5D2: Counter Logic Gaming outlasts Immortals

NA LCS W5D2: Team Dignitas wins again under new head coach

NA LCS W5D1: Meteos comes through for Phoenix1 against EnVyUs.

NA LCS W5D1: Team Dignitas stuns FlyQuest

EU LCS W5D3: Fnatic keeps Origen winless

EU LCS W5D3: Splyce's teamfighting wins the day against ROCCAT.

EU LCS W5D2: H2k towers over Giants

EU LCS W5D2: Coach Daku helps Misfits dominate Vitality.

EU LCS W5D1: Splyce shrugs off Fnatic's fast start in 2-1 win.

EU LCS W5D1: G2's clutch Nexus defense ensures sweep of Unicorns of Love.

LCK W5D5: Samsung Galaxy trounces Jin Air Green Wings in 2-0 sweep.

LCK W5D5: ROX Tigers pick up steam in 2-1 victory over bbq Olivers.

LCK W5D4: KT Rolster relentless against Kongdoo Monster.

LCK W5D4: Longzhu Gaming weathers the storm against Afreeca Freecs.

LCK W5D3: MVP throttles ROX Tigers.

LCK W5D3: SK Telecom T1 sweeps Samsung Galaxy in Worlds rematch.

LCK W5D2: Bbq Olivers pick up momentum in clean sweep over Afreeca Freecs

LCK W5D2: Kongdoo Monster wins first series over Jin Air Green Wings

LCK W5D1: SK Telecom T1 bounce back against Longzhu

LCK W5D1: MVP upsets KT Rolster in epic sweep

LPL W3D4: RNG stomps LGD Gaming in 2-0 sweep.

LPL W3D4: Invictus Gaming survives match against I May.

LPL W3D4: OMG hopeful in victory over Snake.

LPL W3D3: Group B giants: EDward Gaming tops Qiao Gu Reapers 2-0.

LPL W3D3: World Elite picks up 2-1 win over Vici Gaming.

LPL W3D3: Game Talents earns upset win over NewBee.

LPL W3D2: LGD Gaming and Snake trade leads in messy sweep.

LPL W3D2: Royal Never Give Up rallies to defeat Invictus Gaming.

LPL W3D1: Team WE dismantles Game Talents 2-0.

LPL W3D1: NewBee hands Qiao Gu Reapers their first defeat.

Week 4

NA LCS W4D3: Cloud9 soars to victory over FlyQuest.

NA LCS W4D3: Team Dignitas bounce back in 2-0 sweep over EnVyUs.

NA LCS W4D3: Counter Logic Gaming holds off Phoenix1 in tight series.

NA LCS W4D3: Echo Fox aces Team SoloMid twice in 20 minutes.

NA LCS W4D2: TSM earns first sweep in victory over Team Envy

NA LCS W4D2: Immortals stays hot in win over Team Liquid

NA LCS W4D2: FlyQuest rallies to beat Phoenix1

NA LCS W4D2: Echo Fox races to victory over CLG

NA LCS W4D1: Immortals punish Team Dignitas' passivity.

NA LCS W4D1: Sneaky Baron steal keeps C9 alive against TL

EU LCS W4D3: G2 takes an easy 2-0 over Origen

EU LCS W4D3: H2K finds redemption in Team ROCCAT sweep.

EU LCS W4D2: Vitality sleeps on Fnatic, drops series 2-1

EU LCS W4D2: Misfits slice up Splyce in 2-0 win

EU LCS W4D1: G2 remains undefeated in EU LCS

EU LCS W4D1: Unicorns of Love topple Giants Gaming

LCK W4D5: MVP struggles in victory over Jin Air Green Wings.

LCK W4D5: SKT bounces back with 2-0 sweep over Olivers.

LCK W4D4: Longzhu Gaming picks up third straight series win.

LCK W4D4: KT Rolster plays perfect game against Samsung.

LCK W4D3: Afreeca Freecs sweep SK Telecom T1.

LCK W4D3: MVP frightens Kongdoo Monster.

LCK W4D2: KT Rolster pummels Jin Air Green Wings

LCK W4D2: Longzhu makes short work of bbq Olivers

LCK W4D1: Samsung Galaxy triumphs over Kongdoo Monster

LCK W4D1: Afreeca Freecs take ROX to thrilling three-game series

LPL W2D4: Qiao Gu Reapers out-muscle Team World Elite.

LPL W2D4: Vici Gaming takes hard-fought 2-0 win over Game Talents.

LPL W2D4: Newbee shocks EDG in stunning upset.

LPL W2D3: Invictus Gaming unconquerable against LGD Gaming.

LPL W2D3: OMG smothers I May for sweep.

LPL W2D3: Royal Never Give Up proves to be Snake charmer.

LPL W2D2: QG Reapers rally, top Vici 2-1.

LPL W2D2: Edward Gaming puts Game Talents away, 2-1.

LPL W2D1: LGD Gaming stomps OMG in 2-0 sweep.

LPL W2D1: Snake Esports slips from I May's grasp.

Week 3

NA LCS W3D3: Cloud9 loses no altitude to Echo Fox.

NA LCS W3D3: Team SoloMid outclasses Phoenix1.

NA LCS W3D3: Ssumday, but not today: CLG sweeps Dignitas.

NA LCS W3D2: Liquid comes from behind to defeat Echo Fox.

NA LCS W3D2: TSM takes down rivals CLG 2-1.

NA LCS W3D2: Cloud9 remains undefeated with win over Team EnVyUs.

NA LCS W3D2: FlyQuest continues surprising start with win over Team Dignitas

NA LCS W3D1: Team EnVyUs shows surprising strength against Team Liquid.

NA LCS W3D1: Ryu carries Phoenix1 to victory over Immortals

EU LCS W3D3: Splyce denies Origen's dreams in 2-0 sweep.

EU LCS W3D3: Fnatic wins back-and-forth series with ROCCAT.

EU LCS W3D2: G2 stands tall against Giants

EU LCS W3D2: H2K Jankos menaces Team Vitality.

EU LCS W3D1: Misfits sweep Fnatic methodically.

EU LCS W3D1: Unicorns of Love defeat Splyce in hard-fought 2-1.

LCK W3D3: SKT stays on top with 2-0 sweep over MVP.

LCK W3D3: Samsung defeats ROX 2-1.

LCK W3D2: Jin Air Green Wings doggedly sweep Afreeca Freecs.

LCK W3D2: Bbq Olivers skewers Kongdoo Monster.

LCK W3D1: Score key to KT Rolster's win over Afreeca.

LCK W3D1: Longzhu Gaming shows no mercy to Kongdoo Monster.

Week 2

NA LCS W2D3: Cloud9 stays undefeated in win over Counter Logic Gaming.

NA LCS W2D3: Immortals stay alive against Team EnVyUs.

NA LCS W2D3: Echo Fox slays FlyQuest.

NA LCS W2D3: Phoenix1 mops up Team Liquid.

NA LCS W2D2: Bjergsen leads TSM to 2-1 victory over Liquid.

NA LCS W2D2: Immortals run into unstoppable Cloud 9.

NA LCS W2D1: Team SoloMid gains steam against Team Dignitas.

NA LCS W2D1: FlyQuest soars to 2-0 over CLG

EU LCS W2D4: Giants Gaming topple over ROCCAT.

EU LCS W2D4: Vitality revitalized with win over Origen.

EU LCS W2D3: G2 goes the distance vs. Misfits.

EU LCS W2D3: Unicorns of Love gallop over H2K.

EU LCS W2D2: Fnatic steals Giants' thunder.

EU LCS W2D2: Splyce snowballs to victory over Team Vitality.

EU LCS W2D1: Misfits stall to victory over ROCCAT.

EU LCS W2D1: Unicorns of Love sweep a struggling Origen.

LCK W2D2: Bbq Olivers roast Jin Air Green Wings in strong sweep

LCK W2D2: KT Rolster rolls over Longzhu.

LCK W2D1: Samsung Galaxy steady in win over MVP.

LCK W2D1: SK Telecom T1 unstoppable in win over ROX Tigers.

Week 1

NA LCS W1D3: Jensen shines in Cloud9 win over Team Dignitas.

NA LCS W1D3: Team Liquid cannot halt FlyQuest juggernaut.

NA LCS W1D3: Team SoloMid endures against Immortals.

NA LCS W1D3: Counter Logic Gaming makes Ashes of Team EnVyUs.

NA LCS W1D2: Dignitas takes down P1 2-1.

NA LCS W1D2: Echo Fox no match for Immortals.

NA LCS W1D2: FlyQuest dominant over EnVyUs.

NA LCS W1D2: Team Liquid takes down CLG in grueling 2-0 series.

NA LCS W1D1: Phoenix1 rises up against Echo Fox.

NA LCS W1D1: Contractz stars as C9 takes down TSM.

EU LCS W1D3: H2K squash Splyce.

EU LCS W1D3: G2 Esports sweeps ROCCAT clean.

EU LCS W1D2: UOL live up to the hype, win against Vitality.

EU LCS W1D2: Misfits bounce back to defeat Giants.

EU LCS W1D1: G2 patient in victory over Fnatic.

EU LCS W1D1: H2K wins over a struggling Origen.

LCK W1D5: SKT rolls over Kongdoo in clean sweep.

LCK W1D5: MVP edges out Afreeca Freecs 2-1.

LCK W1D4: Longzhu Gaming outlasts Jin Air Green Wings.

LCK W1D4: KT Rolster Smeb feasts on bbq Olivers.

LCK W1D3: ROX grabs first win over Kongdoo.

LCK W1D3: Afreeca surprises Samsung Galaxy.

LCK W1D2: SKT dismantles Jin Air.

LCK W1D2: Bbq Olivers clinches victory over MVP.

LCK W1D1: KT topples ROX in opening match.

LCK W1D1: Longzhu unable to beat Samsung.

LPL W1D4: EDG capitalizes on Team WE's mistakes.

LPL W1D4: VG brings chaos in victory over Newbee.

LPL W1D4: QG masterful in 2-0 sweep over GT.

LPL W1D3: Royal Never Give Up bounces back to defeat OMG.

LPL W1D3: Invictus Gaming hobbled by Snake Esports.

LPL W1D3: I May takes second win of split vs. LGD.

LPL W1D2: No Clearlove, no problem for Edward Gaming.

LPL W1D2: Team WE wins back-and-forth with Newbee.

LPL W1D1: Kid and Duke lead Invictus Gaming to 2-0 over OMG.

LPL W1D1: I May upsets RNG with clean precision.