The 2017 ESPN Esports Awards

SK Telecom T1 mid laner Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok, middle, buries his head in his hands following SKT's 3-0 loss to Samsung Galaxy at the League of Legends World Championship in Beijing. Provided by Riot Games

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It's time for the ESPN esports end-of-year acknowledgements. In 2017, esports pushed the envelope far beyond expectation as millions of fans entered the space for the first time, investment grew like never before and the bar for skill was raised to new levels across all games.

Play of the Year

Looking back, the plays made by esports players across tens of titles and thousands of tournaments were some of the hardest to sort. But a few special moments stood out as some of the best plays made by an individual player, so here are our five nominees for best play of 2016 and the winner below.

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  • Astralis' Tec-9 rush at the ELeague Major

  • Ruler's flash-ult kill onto Faker

  • kaiser's 5-man Earthshatter against LW Blue

  • Salem's final set against ZeRo at Evo

Winner: Salem's final set against ZeRo at Evo

Team of the Year

At the end of the day, winning -- championships, rivalries and climactic matches -- are what separate the good, even great teams, from the best teams of the year. Today, we look over the clubs that made it rain gold in 2017, and the one team that stood above all the rest to win ESPN's Esports Team of the Year.

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  • Team Liquid (DOTA 2)

  • Samsung Galaxy (League of Legends)

  • Lunatic-Hai (Overwatch)

  • FaZe Clan (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)

  • MVP/KSV Black (Heroes of the Storm)

Winner: Team Liquid (DOTA 2)

Biggest Disappointment

It was a pretty noteworthy year for esports in 2017. There were big NBA investments in League of Legends, miracle comebacks and record-breaking prize pools, but for every few of those there seemed to arise equally noteworthy letdowns in competitions or wild organizational issues. In the third installment of our ESPN esports end-of-the-year acknowledgements, we look at the most disappointing moments in the booming industry.

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  • Immortals/Dignitas do not make the NA LCS

  • RunAway fails to win APEX twice

  • Punk falls apart at Evo

  • FaZe gets knocked out the Krakow Major

Winner: Immortals/Dignitas do not make the NA LCS.

Moment of the Year

Today we celebrate the good in competitive gaming -- miracles happened, Cinderellas stayed out past midnight and underdogs found a way. These are ESPN's best moments of 2017 in esports.

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  • Ambition wins; Faker loses.

  • Zeus wins his first major.

  • Astralis wins the ELeague Major.

  • MenaRD upsets Tokido.

Winner: Ambition wins; Faker loses.

Player of the Year

In 2017, players reached new heights, with some unlocking their inner potential and others compounding more moments, statistics and plays to their already impressive résumé of achievements. Legends were made, with some players achieving lifetime and career goals, including victories in front of tens of thousands of people.

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  • NiKo

  • Ambition

  • Hungrybox

  • Miracle-

  • Tokido

Winner: Ambition