Fernando Alonso on full IndyCar season: Why not?

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Fernando Alonso has refused to rule out a full season of IndyCar in future, replying "why not?" when asked about the possibility of a switch to the North American series.

Alonso has returned to F1 duty in Canada after his hugely popular attempt to win the Indy 500, where he led 27 laps before a Honda engine failure late on. The Spaniard made no secret of his enjoyment of the series and has since said the IndyCar paddock is a much more positive place than the F1 circus he has rejoined in Montreal.

During Alonso's Indy 500 adventure Mario Andretti said Alonso should do a full season of IndyCar in 2018 as his prospects of finding a winning car in Formula One look so bleak. McLaren is still plagued by Honda and is hinting at an early divorce from the Japanese manufacturer, while the only other option open to him seems to be a Renault team also viewing wins and championships as a long-term rather than short-term aim.

During this weekend's broadcast of the IndyCar race in Texas, Alonso dialled in to talk to commentators on the NBCSN coverage of the race, where he was asked if he would consider a full-time switch to the series.

"Why not?" Alonso replied. "I mean, I'm very open to anything. I don't have a clear answer right now. I would be lying if I told you I know what would happen next year."

The dramatic Texas race, which saw only six cars make the finish line, certainly caught Alonso's attention during the broadcast. However, the Spaniard said his bid to win the Triple Crown -- which would require victories at the Indy 500 and Le Mans 24 Hours to go with his two Monaco Grand Prix wins -- will take precedent on his decisions after retiring from Formula One.

"Watching now the race, these guys, they are the best guys. I have to learn many things to do one race, I need to learn so many more to do the whole season. I'm more ready to do F1, try to find the best car possible out there. I would look at different options. Indy 500 would be the first priority for the triple crown, but full-season another time, why not?"