Fernando Alonso says current Honda situation is 'not nice' to endure

MONTREAL, Canada -- Fernando Alonso says Honda's repeated failures are "not nice" to endure week after week when the McLaren team is working so hard for results.

Alonso looked set to deliver McLaren the first point of the 2017 season in Montreal when he pulled up two laps from the chequered flag while running in 10th. It meant Alonso's return to Formula One ended in the same fashion as his attempt to win the Indy 500 -- a Honda engine failure.

The failure, which Honda later confirmed to be due to a loss of oil pressure, comes at a time McLaren is seriously considering whether to continue its partnership with the Japanese manufacturer beyond 2017. Though Alonso says retiring from 10th is not going to change his life, he feels sympathy for his team to have to endure repeated frustrations.

"It's hard for the guys in the team to lose that point," Alonso said. "For me, it doesn't change my life. After 16 years here, one point is... But for the guys here, it means something. They've been working so hard, day and night, preparing our car, preparing the strategy and taking care of every single detail. You want to do a good result for them even if it's just one point. Frustrating."

The retirement makes it highly likely Alonso will need a new engine for the Azerbaiajan Grand Prix, something which will earn him a grid penalty.

"It's definitely very frustrating. It is not only that we lost a point today and we lost another race, we will start last in Baku because Jenson changed the power unit in Monaco and started last. Here we lost a power unit and in Baku we will start last again. The situation is definitely not nice."

Alonso's retirement comes just days after he said McLaren needs to win by September to convince him to stay with the team in 2018. Though the Spaniard is widely regarded the most complete driver in F1 today, a route back to a title-winning F1 car is hard to see. At the weekend Alonso also refused to rule out a full-time switch to IndyCar following his hugely popular rookie appearance at the Indy 500.