Emotional Lewis Hamilton makes Silverstone history in style

SILVERSTONE, U.K. -- A round-up of the main talking points from qualifying from the British Grand Prix, where Lewis Hamilton claimed a slice of history at his home circuit, but only after being pushed hard by Ferrari.

Shock: We expected a close fight for pole position, but it was surprising to see Valtteri Bottas so far off the pace after his heroics in Austria. The Finn had to settle for fourth, 0.3s off teammate Lewis Hamilton. The two Ferraris finished within 0.1s of the other reigning world champion.

Shocker: Claire Williams said earlier this week her team's recent demise has been "heart-breaking", but this felt like a new low. A double elimination in qualifying, with Lance Stroll failing to even set a time after spinning out into the gravel, in front of its home turf seemed like another cruel hammer blow for this famous team. Although the cameras pan to Robert Kubica every time a Williams car hits any sort of trouble, the Pole must be eternally grateful he got beaten to a race seat by Sergey Sirotkin this year.

"Tears for heroes dressed in grey...": Hamilton was shaking and his voice was cracking with emotion as he spoke to the fans on the microphone directly after qualifying. The world champion has dominated Silverstone in previous years but this one clearly meant a lot more to him than any other -- something he admitted in the news conference that followed.

Stoffel in trouble: On Thursday, Stoffel Vandoorne told the media he felt he'd done enough to convince McLaren he deserves another year at the team. Not many people agreed with him. He did little to change opinion Saturday, being eliminated from Q1 in the orange McLaren, having qualified 0.9s behind Fernando Alonso -- a huge gap in modern F1 between identical cars.

The qualifying head-to-head is now 10-0 in Alonso's favour. McLaren is already looking at other options for 2019 (and has little secret about that fact); it looks increasingly likely Vandoorne will be looking for new employers for next year.

World Cup fever/red flag pain: With qualifying scheduled to finish the moment the England vs. Sweden World Cup quarterfinal game was set to begin, the early red flag for Stroll's visit to the gravel trap was met with a mixture of groans and amused chuckles -- depending on the nationality -- in the Silverstone media centre. Not long after qualifying finished, a cheer rippled around the same media centre and the stands outside as Harry Maguire nodded England one goal in front.

Star of the session: Charles Leclerc made it through to another Q3 session, but this has to go to Hamilton -- he was behind Vettel after the first runs but found something extra on his final attempt to claim a record sixth pole position at the British Grand Prix. It was clear how much it meant to him.