Lewis Hamilton: I was shaking with emotion after securing Silverstone pole

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Lewis Hamilton felt he was under the most pressure he has ever experienced during his Formula One career in qualifying for the British Grand Prix.

Hamilton edged out main championship rival Sebastian Vettel with a stunning lap at the end of Q3 to score his sixth pole position at Silverstone. He will line-up on pole for the 76th time in his career as he looks to claim a record sixth victory at the British Grand Prix.

Reflecting on his qualifying performance, Hamilton said: "I think it's, for me, with the whole build-up, with the whole intensity, with the whole spur-of-the-moment thing, knowing how close we were, for me it feels like one of the best laps that I've been able to produce.

"I would say it felt like the most pressurised lap that I've ever had. And then afterwards I was just... I can't tell you how... I was shaking through the emotion, through the adrenaline rush was way above the limit that I had experienced before, which is kind of crazy for my 76th. But the 76th is so special. I'm so, so happy, and, as I said, the team have just been doing a great job and I'm really happy I have been able to deliver for them as well.''

With the Ferraris qualifying less than a tenth behind Hamilton and conditions expected to be even warmer than experienced in qualifying, the reigning champion believes Sunday's race will be one of the toughest he's faced.

"I think it is, yes, with the heat the track is the hottest I think we've driven on for a long time. The speed that we're going through the corners, it is up and even on the long runs yesterday, the G-force we're pulling... the car is faster than last year.

"I definitely think it's going to be physically tougher and more intense, being that we're so close as well. It's not going to be a case of either of us pulling a big gap, it's going to be close all the way, so I personally think it's going to be one of the toughest, yes.''