Pierre Gasly hits back at stewards after penalty drops him out of top 10

SILVERSTONE, U.K -- Toro Rosso driver Pierre Gasly has labelled F1's penalty system as "bulls--t" after a post-race investigation dropped him from tenth to 13th in the final standings for the British Grand Prix.

Gasly collided with Force India driver Sergio Perez in Turn 17 towards the end of the race as the two were fighting over the final point-paying position. The incident saw Gasly collide with Perez on the entrance to Vale corner and the stewards deemed that he gained the position unfairly.

"The Stewards reviewed video evidence, heard from the driver of car 10 (Pierre Gasly), the driver of car 11 (Sergio Perez) and the team representatives," it said. "The Stewards felt that Gasly's maneuvers were generally reasonable, and that he was attempting to make a good racing pass. Perez left his sufficient room throughout.

"However, Gasly touched the sausage kerb at the apex of turn 16 which caused him to collide with Perez. This subsequently forced Perez off the track on driver's left before turn 17 and severely compromised his ability to race through turns 17 and 18, and Gasly was thus able to pass Perez.

"The Stewards determined that Gasly was wholly or predeominantly to blame, and while the collision was light it led directly to the pass.Therefore the Stewards ordered a 5 second penalty."

Gasly responded to the punishment on Twitter after the race, writing: "Five sec penalty, ridiculous... Every weekend there are contacts with no further action, that's part of racing & what makes it exciting! Was close battle, I enjoyed it. Just let us race and stop all this bullshit with penalties! Will keep fighting."

Gasly was also given two penalty points on his superlicence, taking his total to four for the 12-month period. Twelve penalty points over a 12-month period result in a race ban.