British Grand Prix: Radio Ga Ga

A round-up of the best radio soundbites from the British Grand Prix, where Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel ended Lewis Hamilton's run of home victories.

"Let's try to be aggressive. Plan B is the only way to get ahead of him."
"Understood Kimi, we are trying, but the 10-second penalty is an issue..."

Kimi Raikkonen tries to get himself back up the order with a change of strategy, but is reminded that his Turn 1 error has limited the team's options.

"So, I am not allowed to think any more? OK."

After being told Plan B is not doable, Raikkonen snaps at the Ferrari pit wall.

"Aggggh f---!"

Charles Leclerc reacts with disbelief as his excellent weekend ends with a Sauber car failure.

"What Magnussen does when you try to overtake, pushes you off the track..."
"Undersood. You'll get another shot at...."
"Yeah, but we will both crash and I don't want. I don't wish."

Fernando Alonso complains about Kevin Magnussen's stern defensive moves through the middle of the circuit. At one point, Alonso had been forced wide, but the stewards decided it had not been enough to warrant a penalty for Haas driver Magnussen.

"From what I saw from Magnussen I never saw in my life! He pushed me wide in Turn 7, Turn 11 and Turn 12... It's ridiculous, the FIA. Ridiculous!"

Alonso continues to vent about Magnussen's driving despite pleas from McLaren to focus on the rest of the race. The Spaniard would brand the stewards "soft" after the race for refusing to punish Magnussen.

"Vai, Seb! Vai, Seb! Grande."

Sebastian Vettel gets a nod of approval from the Ferrari pit wall after his brilliant move on Valtteri Bottas.

"OK Max, please find a gap and retire the car mate."
"Oh man, f--- sake!"

Having been tasting champagne on the podium a week earlier after recording his fourth career win, Max Verstappen cannot believe how quickly his luck turned around as he is forced to retire his Red Bull.

"Grandissimo Seb, grandissimo. Sei un leone, te l'ho detto!"

Maurizio Arrivabene congratulates Vettel -- "You are a lion, I told you!" -- for his drive to first, which saw him execute a brilliant pass on Bottas for the win late on.

"Grazie regazzi! Qui a casa loro! Haha...Hahaha!"

A telling message. Vettel celebrates the win "here at their home race" -- referring to Mercedes' two F1 bases just down the road from Silverstone -- before chuckling with delight. A big moment in the championship fight.