Big league expectations for Rays prospect Jake Bauers

What should you make of the fantasy potential of Jake Bauers this season? Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Despite their 30-35 record, the Tampa Bay Rays have been an intriguing team for their willingness (perhaps out of necessity due to injury) to think outside the box. We have all heard and seen their experiment with bullpen days and "openers." The jury is still out on that experiment, but fantasy wise, it is more interesting that impactful.

On the other hand, fantasy managers should have been paying attention to the Rays recently for a more traditional reason: calling up prospects. The team briefly called up top prospect Willy Adames last month. He homered in his first game off Chris Sale, but his initial stay was short. However, Adames was recalled on Monday. With super-two and service time deadlines behind us, he is likely to stay a bit longer this time. You can read more about his outlook here.

A few days before the Adames' recall, the Rays dumped veteran Brad Miller and handed the primary first base job to another prospect, Jake Bauers.